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LiveScan fingerprinting has modernized the science of taking fingerprints by taking fingerprints digitally using a scanner and computer and then electronic transmitting the fingerprints to a receiving agency to be verified and authenticated. The results can often be returned within 72 hours. Most law enforcement agencies in the United States have adopted LiveScan fingerprinting as way of taking fingerprints. LiveScan fingerprinting has been one of the greatest advancements in the arena of personal identification and has revolutionized and modernized the science of fingerprinting.

Who needs a LiveScan?

Almost all states are mandating LiveScan fingerprinting of all applicants for positions in contact with vulnerable members of society, such as the elderly, children, the mentally ill and the physically disabled. As communities desire to protect these groups, LiveScan fingerprinting has allowed for a quick and cost effective background check of people coming into contact with the protected elements of our society.

How long is the process?

It takes ten to fifteen minutes to process each individual, including the processing of paper work. Be aware that some people just don't have good legible fingerprints, and they may have to be rolled several times to obtain the best quality possible.

What must I bring to the LiveScan fingerprinting?

What does it cost?finger print scanner

There are two fees that you will pay:

Rolling Fee - This is the fee that we charge for providing the service. This fee is $29.00. We accept credit card, debit card, check, and cash.

We must collect other fees for the Department of Justice and FBI. These fees are set by each of these agencies. We do not control these fees and every livescan provider is required to charge the same amount. They are different for each occupation and range from $35.00 to $120. Please call if you want an excact total for our service and the agency fees.

How long before the requesting agency receives my results?

They are immediately forwarded electronicly to DOJ. Processing and return usally takes three to seven days but could take up to three months.

Will I receive the results as well?

No, the applicant does not receive a response unless the fingerprints must be retaken for some reason. If you are interested in reviewing your record you must contact the Department of Justice for record review.

What type of information is identified through LiveScan submissions?

The information provided by the Department of Justice is for the purposes of evaluating your suitability for employment, licensing, certification or a volunteer position. The requesting organization or agency will receive a response from the DOJ which flags convictions and active prosecution. If the you have no criminal record information on file, the DOJ and/or the FBI will send a " no criminal history record exists for the above named individual " response.

How do I follow up or do I contact in regards to the response of my LiveScan response?

The requesting agency and/or the applicant may contact the Department of Justice at 916-227-4557. This is an automated system available 24 hours a day. You will need the following information:

Why do I have to do a LiveScan every time I change jobs?

By law and to protect your privacy, organizations and/or agencies may not share your background information.

Why are fingerprints rejected? If my prints were rejected would I be required to pay again?

Fingerprints may be rejected for several reasons. The most common are characteristics you have which make them difficult to read. This would include blisters, cuts, scars and calluses. If your fingerprints are rejected on this basis, Finger Print Services of America will re-take your fingerprints at no additional cost.

What do I need to bring if my fingerprints have been rejected and I am having them retaken?

You will need to bring the letter of rejection from the DOJ. This letter contains your ATI (Applicant Transmission Identifier) number which is necessary for resubmission and the reason for the rejection

If my fingerprints have been rejected because they are difficult to read, how many times must I re-submit by prints?

You are only required to be scanned two times. If after two unsuccessful attempts to capture your prints, your criminal history will be determined by the Department of Justice utilizing a different method of verification.





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