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A 10-panel drug screen is a test that measures the presence, if any, of an illicit substance in the body, through urine testing. The test is performed in the laboratory after a urine sample has been collected from the individual. The results of the test can be determined rather quickly, making the test attractive to employers and for law enforcement.


    The results of our 10-panel drug test are determined by a independent laboratory. The test detects if the following drugs are found in the urine sample: cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine (Ecstasy, crystal meth), tetrahydrocannabinol (marijuana), methadone, opiates (heroin), phencyclidine (PCP), barbiturates, benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium) and tricyclic antidepressant. In addition to the drugs, the 10-panel drug test can also measure characteristics of the urine sample, such as the pH level. Testing the characteristics of the sample can show if the urine has been altered to cheat the test.

    Reading the Test

    Each test has a control region and the test region. The control region helps interpret the results by showing what a clean urine sample with no drug content would look like. Test results that are determined in the laboratory will show the exact concentration of a particular drug that has been found in the urine sample.

    Interpreting the Test Results

    The minimum amounts of the drug that need to be present in the system to show a positive result are established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. If the minimum level of concentration for a particular drug has been found in the urine sample, then that would show a positive test result for that drug. A negative result for a drug means that the drug was not in the sample at sufficant levels to be considered positive.

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